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Donate Now and Enter to Win an iPod

Anyone who donates between Now and New Years Eve will be entered to win a brand new ipod Classic.  That’s 160 GB’s or 40,000 songs…

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This contest has closed and the winner is Frank Verdi…  Thanks Frank and Happy New Years!


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The First Annual Rockonomics Party was amazing. Hosted by my pal Mike in the heart of Hollywood CA, the guests were a stellar mix of hardcore fans and longtime friends. Some traveled from as far away as Kansas, some from Santa Cruz, and all over Los Angeles to reminisce about their favorite shows and songs over good food and cold drinks.

Jordan Shapiro and Mike Abdelnour

Steve, the contest winner, won a Fender Guitar and had some lessons from both Rontrose and Jordan. Trevor got to play with them too. I got to play DJ, and my main theme was Michael Bloomfield. It was an amazing evening catching up with some fans, as well as Ron and Jordan, who I haven’t seen in over a year.
A couple more highlights from the weekend was watching Jordan Shapiro’s incredible golf game and having Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine sign his latest book; Griftopia.

But the icing on the cake, was watching Rontrose and Jordan play guitar together while all of us watched in awe. The fact that these two incredible talents would get together and play for some fans in my pal’s living room, says volumes about them personally.

Chris & Rontrose

As I’ve always said, what the Supersuckers had was special. Beyond their catchy songs and tasty licks was a unparalleled bond with their fans. It’s a story worth sharing, and something I’m fortunate to have been a part of.

Steve, Jordan and Peter

While the music business crumbled around us, we were successful and that was because of the fans. The commitment we all had from the fan club, to the release of the Field Recordings, or even giving fans a chance to sit on the stage during a show. No other band did this and a lot of the so called superstar bands today aren’t even involved in their fan club often outsourcing it to a third party. We forged ahead despite the obstacles of very little radio, TV, and mainstream press. How does a band sell over 500 tickets in a market or 20,000 CD’s where mainstream media doesn’t quite embrace them? Well that’s the crux of this site for the fans and bands out there to read and maybe take away some of the lessons and experiences learned from a more successful and trend setting time with the Greatest Rock N Roll Band in the World.
Until Next Time…

Chris Neal of Midway, UT

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Devils Food was a sleeper in the sense that we didn’t push it all that much. It went on to sell around twice as much as “Get It Together” at a mere fraction of the cost. The beauty of this album was nothing was spent on radio, marketing or press from what I remember. In fact the sales sheet even included this note “There is no press or radio budget but the Supersuckers will not turn down interviews or radio pay”. We marketed this release through the growing email list and website. And came up with a few clever contests and incentives to get this release in the hands of the fans.
It was released in January, a month where most bands don’t even consider coming out with albums because it’s right after Christmas. This was the perfect way to start the year, an instant classic that showcased their diverse talents and willingness to forge a path most bands didn’t dare. And frankly most bands couldn’t. It remains one of my favorites, and some would argue it captured their last great recorded moments.

And some notes:

At the risk of pissing off our most loyal and hard-core “I-gotta-get-my-hands-on-everything-the-band-records” fans, we here at Mid-Fi are proud to give you some Devil’s Food! That’s right, Devil’s Food is a collection of all of our most recent hard to find, out of print or previously unavailable singles together in one easy to find, convenient and attractive package so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars from some collector nerd on the internet to get these gems. Sure, collecting is fun, but who needs the aggravation? I just want the tunes! And there are some good tunes here for sure. Some of these have been released as singles, some are never before released demos, some are country versions of some of our most popular rock songs and some defy description all together.
So, to all the die-hards out there who have spent the money and time to get all of these songs the hard way, sorry. We did put some things on here that have never seen the light of day until now and I hope that helps make up for our shameless capitalism. But to all you lucky folks who haven’t heard these songs before (and let’s face it, there are way more of you), congratulations! It’s a brand new Supersuckers record for you to love and, since you’re free from the burden of collect-ability, you can kick back and enjoy the majesty of this mass-produced, unlimited edition digital reproduction while we finish off our new, “real” record. We hope this shortens the wait.

Eddie Spaghetti, Jan ’05

To be involved with the Supersuckers in 2005 was amazing. It was the year of touring with Pearl Jam, The Reverand Horton Heat, countless corporate shows for great money, sponsorships, endorsements, sales, and the year of their fan club membership boom.

The crew in place was top notch. Fans from Baltazar in Denver and Diesel in Maryland and even Kaz in Olympia, WA helped spread the word. Shows were promoted by fans. Word of mouth spread like wildfire.
If you wanted a flyer for an upcoming show it was on the front page of the site. A simple click made it possible to forward or print.

The band made an exclusive CD that was included with a 12 Pack of Beer and later found them selves doing an in-store performance at a grocery store. Taking chances along the way, we had all the ingredients in place for success. Nobody could touch them. They could outplay and out wit any band while keeping fans entertained and begging for more. Although when they played those first few chords of Born with A Tail, the show was predictably coming to an end.

New merchandise items included Skate Decks, Snow Boards, Eddie Spaghetti Loaded ipod’s, and some of the best t-shirt designs including the “Big Show” or the Arizona Guitar shirt.

2005 also found Eddie doing more solo dates and Old No. 2 would also hit the shelves. Again I would front the money for the release. Although the sales weren’t nearly as good as projected it still went on to sell fairly well but not as good as the Sauce. Again, some folks thought the cover was off putting and took away from the content.

The year ended with one of their last shows at Slims on NYE. I was able to put together a package that included tickets, hotel rooms and transportation to and from the show for fans. An awesome treat and a great way to take care of the ones that were taking care of us. Anything Anytime…

I appreciate the donations. Chris

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