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The Supersuckers Digital Download Series provided the band with another means of getting their incredible catalog heard.  Unfortunately, like the Field Recordings, it was short lived.  Some fans found these releases overwhelming, especially in the long void that filled MFBT and Get It Together.  With all seriousness, how many live shows does someone need that start with “That Is Rock N Roll” and end ala “Born w/ A Tail”?

The fact is this band had immense talent and needed to grow their existing base.  Most importantly their live show couldn’t be matched as proved on “Live in Ferndale”.  Even if the predictable stage banter made these releases seem redundant the licks and energy captured was more than enough to justify their release.  So for a fan to hear the historical Black Supersuckers or Live at Wholefoods was more of benefit than a burden.   Also the band could potentially find itself a new audience.  This was starting to happen around 2004 – 2006.  I applaud the band for taking these chances and providing their fans with unique Fan Club releases, live releases, etc.  This was new territory at the time and the band was at the forefront of this trend.  It’s important to mention that the amount of live shows recorded were countless.  I remember hearing shows that were amazing from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that would only add to the power and glory of the Supersuckers legend.

The Digital Download Series was a lot more cost effective too.  Zero manufacturing costs and countless live shows to draw from as well.  However there were a couple problems with the “Download Series”.  First, the typical Supersuckers fan wasn’t the typical download consumer.  And constantly going back to the fans with another download to purchase between releases might’ve been too much.  At a point the band truly does saturate the market and you run the risk that the fans become a little overwhelmed or frankly bored.

However as it becomes more pervasive to download and share, bands must become even more creative with a means of making money from any type of recorded music studio or otherwise.  The Supersuckers Fan Club,  Download Series, and live recordings are all great examples of how this band was once way ahead of the curve.

These days I would suggest any band set up a Digital Download Subscription Service.  For an annual fee a band could provide their fans with new and unique downloads of shows, albums, b-sides, etc….

Chris Neal of Midway of Utah

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BTW Here’s a description of the Live at Wholefoods

Supersuckers Live At Wholefoods

Live at the Whole Foods Market Download I recommend it highly. Not only is it a benefit record but it includes an awesome radio interview with Eddie Spaghetti, Rontrose and Jordan Shapiro from the 96 WAVE / Charleston’s Rock Radio Station. The interview is over 30 minutes long and includes a rare studio performance. We’ve sold about 100 of these so there are a lot of people missing out. You can always see how the Mid-Fi titles are selling by checking out the stats on the front page of the site.

Eddie Spaghetti November 9th 2007

And here’s a word from Doug over at DPX…

I hope to interview him soon as he was a huge part of the success we had…

In 2005 I saw the Superuckers in Richmond VA back and Chris Neal.  I felt like this group had their act together and had a great relationship with their fans. As a Goldtop (Lifetime) PIT member, it was great to hear Chris buzz about the next cool free CD coming my way, or getting guest list action when they came to town, or even getting a Christmas card, or any of the other crazy shit they put together for the PIT members. That’s what some people call value added. I call it great fan appreciation. I can only hope that as a Goldtop PIT member, things will go back to that rock-n-roll attitude once the band gets their new release together.

Doug Seligson

DPX Entertainment



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Here’s Part 3 w/ host Bert Morris.  Click the play button below to listen:

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The Field Recordings was a brilliant idea that any band should consider.  Why not make your live shows available for sale.  The overhead is low, and bands really have to separate themselves from the ordinary.  Let’s face it, anyone can make a record these days.   Unfortunately this gives the music fan more choices of crap but by the same token it gives the great bands, like the Supersuckers the ability to get heard.

The short lived “Supersuckers Field Recordings” captured a snapshot in the bands history, these CD’s were priced right, packaged well, sounded awesome, and each cover reflected the contents found inside.  The few Field Recordings released captured the band around that golden era of 2004 and 2005.  It’s important to mention that shows exist from the 90’s and early 2000’s but for some reason they remain unreleased.  Also noteworthy is that Mike Musburger was the drummer on all 3 of these recordings.  My wife, Stephanie, provided most of the photo’s along with Wilbur, the old tour manager, who provided some as well.  Tim Gabor did the art and Eddie would write the liner notes.

Supersuckers Live at the Tractor Tavern

Obviously, I loved the idea of the band releasing these Field Recordings  because it captured that Supersuckers raw energy that often eluded their studio releases.   Eddie’s stage banter and Ron’s ability to improvise a ferocious lead is always fun to revisit.  In fact, Live in Ferndale just might be one of my favorite live records of all time.

My theory was, if it was a great show, then it made sense to offer it to the fans.  While I understand a lot of bands are apprehensive about releasing live albums, I’ve never understood why.  If it sounds good, captures the moment, and provides the fans with a special quality then by all means don’t let it sit in on a shelf.

The Digital Download series would also provide the band another outlet for releasing music and providing fans with a glimpse into their incredible talents and history. I’m pretty sure the Supersuckers were one of the first bands to offer digital downloads as well.  We saw the future early and embraced it.

Between the Fan Club, Digital Downloads and Field Recordings, we were able to use the music as a community builder.  More fans, more people at the shows, equals more opportunities.

BTW it looks like Rontrose is going to put a few nuggets on this iPod that I’m giving away, so donate now to get a chance to win it… drawing is 12/31/10

Below are some specifics that Eddie wrote regarding 2 of the releases that I thought everyone would enjoy… Kinda cool right!

Chris Neal of Midway UT

“Mid-Fi Field Recordings Vol. 1: Live at The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA”

***Welcome to ‘suckers country***

Picking up where 2002’s Must’ve Been Live left off, this EP is the second live country offering from the Supersuckers. Featuring songs that have never been heard in a live setting before, this is anything but a “retread” of their last live country record. If you enjoyed Must’ve Been Live, then you’ve gotta add this to your collection. Recorded on a rainy night in Seattle at the end of a long rock tour, the boys were inspired and tired enough to let it loose and do some oddball country stuff. A bootleg? You bet. Good? Damn good!

This set features country recordings of:

1. Creepy Jackalope Eye

2. Doublewide

3. Sail On

4. Pretty Fucked Up

5. Killer Weed

6. Born With A Tail

7. Alabama, Louisiana Or Maybe Tennessee

(okay, we released this one before, but this version really smokes!)

“Mid-Fi Field Recordings Vol. 2: Live at The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI”

***We’re The Supersuckers, we’ve come to rock the house!***

After years of trying and countless failed attempts, The Supersuckers have finally been captured for their first ever live rock CD. Recorded in beautiful Ferndale, MI on a glorious Tuesday night, “Mid-Fi Field Recordings Vol. 2: Live at The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI” is here at last. Hear the ‘Suckers tear through 20+ killer songs spanning 15 years of ass kicking like it’s a Saturday night at the Enormo-Dome, because that’s what they do, every night is Saturday night and every morning is Sunday morning coming down for these rock-n-roll die-hards. So go get it, grab it and see how the rock show oughtta be done. If only all bands could be this good.

Supersuckers Live in Ferndale

1. Rock-N-Roll Records

2. Rock Your Ass

3. Bad, Bad, Bad

4. The Evil Powers Of Rock-N-Roll

5. Creepy Jackalope Eye

6. Bruises To Prove It

7. Supersucker Drive-By Blues

8. I Want The Drugs

9. Bubblegum & Beer

10. My Victim

11. Luck

12. Dirt Roads, Dead Ends And Dust

13. Fisticuffs

14. Gone Gamblin’

15. How To Maximize Your Kill Count

16. Goodbye

17. Pretty Fucked Up

18. That Is Rock-N-Roll

19. Jailbreak

20. Born With A Tail

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