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I had flown into Philadelphia to meet with the band and do some touring.  Eddie had some of the songs from the new Paid EP.  The idea was to release more songs or singles and not to do a full blown album during this time.  This would obviously buy the band even more time before they would release what would become their opus and grand finale with Rontrose ; Get It Together.

I was anxious to hear the Paid EP.  I knew this was going to be something different.  It was going to be a departure from anything they had done before.  Everyone was a bit older and the shows around this time were some of the best.  Most importantly, the band seemed real excited to be working with this engineer they had known for years;  Billy Bowers.  Billy, Rontrose, Eddie, and Dancing Eagle were all in a band called Thai Pink in the 80’s in Tucson…

Billy went on to become an engineer working with Brendan O’Brien and Brendan is world famous in the music business.  It was everyone’s hope that with these songs being such a departure in sound and style from their past work, would finally launch them into the mainstream.  Tracks like “Paid” or even “Breaking Honey’s Heart” would capture everyone’s attention at radio and press, and sales would be huge… and all our dreams would come true.

Eddie and I sat in that big white van with a couple of cold ones parked outside the Starlight Bar, hopefully for the last time, listening to the first track from the EP.  I remember being blown away by how different it sounded.   I was amazed at the playing.  It was a great moment for the band and a chance taken…  Ron’s guitar playing was perfect, Eddie’s vocal’s sounded great and Mike Musburger’s drumming just knocked my socks off.  Go back and listen to the guitar parts in “Breaking Honey’s Heart”…  it’s brilliant.

Once again we gathered the team to plan radio, press, retail, pre-orders, fan club members, street team members and our internet guru’s; Hal the Web Guy and Doug over at DPX.  The 40,000 email address’ we’d compiled since I collected the first one in 2001 would be an essential ingredient. Hopefully this time we’d make just enough of an impact to set ourselves up for success…   More on that later!  Chris Neal of Midway

May 19th 2006 Eddie Spaghetti writes…

People get ready, there’s some rock a’ comin’!

And you can pre-order it NOW my friends, right freakin’ now! So click here and make yourself happy, scratch that rock-n-roll itch, satiate your hunger for quality and quench that thirst for brand new Supersuckers music. It’s the best we’ve ever made.

Or maybe you’re one of those highly intelligent People of Impeccable Taste who already know the joys of our fan club. Is that you? Well, if it is, don’t bother clicking up there because your copy of our brand new, six song EP will be arriving in your mailbox right around the 6th of June. I know, too cool! Want in the club? Well, er, uh, I don’t know… might be too late… Oh screw it. Just get in if you want to.

I really hope you guys like the new stuff, we’re pretty proud of our little selves right now and we’re really excited to hit the road next month in support of the new EP. We’re also extremely happy to announce that the man behind the drums for this tour and, for that matter, all future Supersuckers tours will be none other than the incredible Mr. Scott Churilla! That’s the facts, Jack. Scottzilla has left his former employer, The Reverend Horton Heat for the greener pastures of Supersuckersville and we couldn’t be more honored to have him on board. Don’t miss us as we destroy every stage we hit from now on! The dates are in this email somewhere – notice the Social Distortion dates? Nice!

Well, I gotta go finish this song I’m making up for my solo show tonight here in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern. Do you happen to live up this way? Well, come on down! I’ll be playing in between some good rock bands – The Ones (featuring the fine talents of Mr. Metal Marty Chandler!) and Huge Spacebird (I think). It’ll be a guaranteed good time here in my neighborhood too-nite!

I really have to get a grip on these exclamation points. They are outta hand in this message! OUTTA HAND I TELL YOU!!! OH NO, NOW I’M USING ALL CAPITALS TOO. LIKE YOU NEED ME E-YELLING AT YOU!!! AARRRGGHHH!!!!



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Here’s another clip…

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We used it as a tool to promote and market the band, shows, new releases, merchandise, contests, etc…   I would often build an auction around a show where I knew we needed more advertising or word of mouth.  Nothing got people talking like a Supersuckers eBay Auction.  Often local papers would mention our clever contests giving us even more exposure.

eBay gave us a lot of bang for the buck too.  And most importantly our auctions were great and fans were happy to click that bid button.  A show auction might include a pair of tickets, a leather jacket courtesy of Hot Leathers, hotel room, and goodie bag which included posters and CD’s.  We’d often donate some of the profits to the WM3 too.

We’d use it to promote new releases 

Here’s two examples below both written by Eddie…

Hey there and happy new year to you all! I’m celebrating the start of 2004 by releasing my first solo record, The Sauce, on the 13th of this month. To help kick things off, I’m holding an ebay auction to offer you some cool keepsakes from the making of this record. Included in this package up for auction is the first mock-up of the art work and accompanying proof sheet, a napkin featuring drawings by artist Tim Gabor of ideas for the disc and poster signed by Tim and an envelope with the real, “saucy” fingerprints Tim used to draw from. It’s stuff I really shouldn’t part with, but maybe one of you will take better care of it than I would. All of this and a signed copy of The Sauce as well! Remember, you can order this record on our site today and it will be in stores on the 13th, but you can get yours now by winning this auction!

Good luck,

Eddie Spaghetti

Here’s another piece of history up for grabs from the making of The Sauce. It’s the original test pressing of the LP! There were only four of these made and I’m offering one up to you. David Fisher and I used this test pressing to approve the mastering for the vinyl and we both agree that it sounds WAY better than the C.D.! The CD is out on the 13th of this month but the LP isn’t due to hit the stores until next month, so, if you still have a record player, here’s your chance to get your (hopefully) sticky mitts on one now!

Good luck,

Eddie Spaghetti

eBay was a great way to test new merchandise.  We would auction off Zippo lighters on eBay way before we sold them in the official Supersuckers store.  An auction would show me page views, amount of bids, and would often get us a new customer.   A lot of items including Cowboy Hats and Pillow Cases were tested on eBay way before we sold them as “store items”.  I remember a fan offering $500 to Eddie for his hat, which Eddie didn’t wanna part with for some reason.  So I had a few signed and sold them at the merchandise booth on tour.  Of course I didn’t sell them for anything close to $500 but it helped.  In fact there’s a signed Stetson on eBay now that a pal of mine is selling.  

It’s no secret my last year with the band was anything but a financial success, so eBay became more of a last resort than a marketing tool or focus group for products.  It was where I sold all my memorabilia to help pay down some bills.  Rontrose was glad to help get the word out about the auctions and even Dan Bolton mailed me some items he had collected too.  So what was the craziest item I think we sold?  Dan “Thunder” Bolton’s jeans with the legendary “Thunder Cuffs”, belt, and shirt.  Someone in Canada purchased the entire outfit –   That story also made the paper.


I’ve tried to carry on some of that same spirit here

https://rockonomix.wordpress.com/ by doing these crazy contests, auctions, parties, etc…  I hope to have a new shirt designed here shortly too and there’s a rumor about doing a golf outing.  Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out my latest contest which ends July 15th.

Thanks everyone.  It’s great to see that I’m approaching 400 likes on Facebook!  Help me get that number to 40,000 –

tell a friend about the site and have them tell a friend.  Link is below…  Chris Neal of Midway UT


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If the Supersuckers were Apple Pie then Jordan Shapiro was the à la mode…

The dynamic he added was pure and simple magic.  I’ve written about it many times, and that period around 2005 was my personal favorite.

Here’s a little clip and I’ve got more coming.  Enjoy…

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