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Once again, I’m making the case for “you’re only as good as the company you keep”.  As mentioned we were lucky to have the help of the fans.  My pal Andrew, is no exception.  He got involved knee deep with our efforts.  This guy was in the trenches, at the boarders, on the phone, at the merch booth, and in the van.  He was still working for the band long after I left (Oh we’ll get to that).  You could say he was my right hand man.  There’s no way I could’ve had the success without him.  We met in Boston outside a show when he helped me carry in a Marshall Amp and later that same night he was helping me sell merch and collect email address’.  He worked for the band for about 7 years.  I hope he’ll share some more stories but let’s get this first Q & A out to the people.  I can honestly say it was guys like Andrew, Diesel, Kaz, Brain Baltazar, Mike A, Sully, Wilbur, Paul Bodis, Rick Clark, Bartley, Charlie, Andy Gems, Cory, Jim Bullotta, Little Steven, Kevin from Lit, Jeremy Hunt, Adam Grimm from Satellite Amps, Frank and Paul from the Netherlands (BTW check out the Paceshifters), Hal, Andy George, Rhett Sander, Brent Hamilton, Mr. Moo, and the list goes on that made this run such a great experience.  And I hope all of them will contribute to the story of the Supersuckers.  Some already have.

Enjoying a Beer in Germany!

Q: How did you get turned onto the Supersuckers

I’ve been a big Pearl Jam fan for a long time and that’s how I first came across the Supersuckers.  Eddie Vedder did a few songs with the Supersuckers for a West Memphis Three Benefit, I think it was “Devil Doll” and “Poor Girl” by X.  Anyway, after hearing those songs, thanks to the wonders of the internet I delved into the Supersuckers and put together a little mix CD of a bunch of their songs that I regularly rotated through my CD player at the time.

Q: How did you meet the Supersuckers

I was in my first semester of college at the time and was doing a project where you had to go out and interview someone in the music business and then write a paper on it.  I saw that the band was coming to town (Boston was my town at the time) so I emailed Chris through their website and he was more than happy to accommodate me.  I had wanted to interview the band and I did end up interviewing Rontrose but little did I know I should have been interviewing Chris.  He was the guy behind the scenes and since I’m no Eddie Van Halen on guitar so I should have seen that I was better suited to learn from the guy who was making things happen.  Luckily for me, I guess Chris saw something in that green 19 year old kid, because he sent me home with some art proofs for some of the 7-inch singles the band was putting out at the time to send over to England.  Little did I know this would be the start of a long and invaluable relationship for me.

Andrew & Paul trying to find those Cracked Stickers

Q: What was it about the Supersuckers that made you want to work for them

At first it was the fact that they gave me the chance to work for them.  I was young and was happy to have any chance to get my foot in the door.  I felt it was an opportunity my peers at the time didn’t have.  Once I got in a little deeper, I truly began to see that this band had some really great songs and I just couldn’t comprehend why they weren’t bigger.  Sure, there were some songs that obviously weren’t going to get radio play like “Pretty Fucked Up” but it sure is a catchy song, my mom even remembers it to this day.  There were still songs that I thought should get some attention and I saw an opportunity to be apart of possibly breaking the band, ride their coattails if you will.  On top of this, Chris was willing to let me in and see what was going on behind the scenes.  I was, still am, eager to learn and I wanted to soak it all up.  He was slowly handing me more and more responsibilities and bouncing ideas off of me and letting me give my input on ways I thought we could raise the profile of the band.

Q: Any funny particular story you’d like to share

There are some really funny stories that I’d love to share but probably shouldn’t but there are some cool ones that I can share.  For one, meeting Lemmy for the first time was pretty awesome.  He is exactly as you’d expect him to be.  That guy isn’t an act, he is the real deal.  Another would have to be at the 20th Anniversary show which really could have been called a “Who’s Who Of The Seattle Music Scene.”  The bill was Zeke, Green River, and the Supersuckers.  It was the first time I’d ever gotten to see Zeke which was cool enough in and of itself but to see a band like Green River that hadn’t played a public show in something like 20 years was unreal considering where the members of that band have gone in their careers since.  I was tour managing for the Supersuckers at the time and was put on beer duty during the show since there were about 50 people in the tiny backstage at the Showbox and the beer was disappearing fast.  So basically while they were on stage I sat in front of the beer telling people they couldn’t have any.  I knew who some of them were but not who all of them were.  After the show was just unreal though.  Ron introduced me to Mark Arm of Mudhoney and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and was nice enough to talk me up so I’ll never forget Stone Gossard saying to me, “So, I hear you’re pretty awesome.”

Even the Cops in Serbia dig the Supersuckers!

What are you doing now

Luckily, I’ve managed to get some pretty great people in this business to believe in me so somehow things keep seeming to work themselves out every time I’m about to throw in the towel.  I tend split my time between tour managing, the occasional PR project with Black & White PR (we’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing clients in the past – The Hellacopters, The Wildhearts, Backyard Babies, the list goes on), and doing some marketing/promotion for a local club.  Anyone need a tour manager??

Andrew Demarest



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